Self Care

  It still amazes me how a conversation can be steered in the way that is need at that time.  I was chairing tonight and forgot to get the speaker that it was a topic meeting.  Feeling bad and putting this on them at the last-minute I did say to just go with what they... Continue Reading →

Day 1030 – Not feeling too great

I'm not feeling too well today. It started around 6pm yesterday I developed a headache that has now a very mild migraine.  Despite an early night and a bit of a lay in, as well as a number of suitable pain killers, it's still there throbbing away. It always starts in my right eye socket... Continue Reading →

Day 1029

When I see someone in pain I want to make it better and I swoop in like a guardian angel that knows it all. Most of my adult life I have surrounded myself with people who have tried to fix me.  I have always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing.  There are... Continue Reading →

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