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I learned a new thing today, a thing called “MicroFiction”  who knew….. The first night of the creative writing course and my brain is pumping.  It was great and way better than I anticipated.

Of course I was convinced I wouldn’t be good enough. My grammar would be awful, my ideas rubbish but hey who knew.  At no point was spelling and grammar even mentioned.  The room was full of other really nice normal people.

Interestingly it began with characters and some fairly obvious points around how to structure and think about this stuff.  Anyway this then led onto a topic I had never heard of “MicroFiction”.  I am now in love with this.  We even have homework – yipeee  (and that is not sarcastic)…..so in my haste here is my first ever attempt at a wee bit of MicroFiction 🙂

As I sat at the table with my mug of tea and my chocolate digestive the warm sun caught the side of my face. The room was filled with chatter and laughter, that was nice.  Oh no there was that one chap sobbing – oh that s not so nice.  Well one out of 20ish isn’t so bad is it.

The soft tinkle of the bell indicated it was all about to begin.  Ok so what now. One at a time they were introducing themselves and saying… oh wow that actually happens. Ok so one by one round the table. Very seriously and with commitment one by one uniformly in rhythm like a well rehearsed choir one by one each person introduces themselves.

As this chain reaction got closer and closer to me I could feel my heart thump louder and louder. A soft smile from across the room couldn’t still my nerves.  Closer and closer until – oh no me… its me now.  

OK just do it Lucy just introduce yourself.  You know it’s the truth so why is it so hard to say.  As I pause everyone sits patiently – they have seen this before. A newcomer to the group, the nerves and the admitance. A friendly face next to me touches my hand and says, “you can say pass if you’re not ready”

NOT READY – are you kidding me. No I am ready but the words are still stuck in my mouth.  Ok deep breath, in out in out.  Right let’s do it.

“Hi my name is Lucy, and I am an alcoholic…”

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