Day 1029

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When I see someone in pain I want to make it better and I swoop in like a guardian angel that knows it all.

Most of my adult life I have surrounded myself with people who have tried to fix me.  I have always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing.  There are so many things that I could blame that on but the reality is that is it all about me.

Well its always about me isn’t it.

On the flip sideof that I find myself relating back to similar events and trying to re-assure people by my own experiences.  Why does this happen because by my own admission I hate when it happens to me.  My intention is always to listen because all anyone needs to do is offload, but that is so difficult to do.

Why is this so hard for me?

So my theory is it is about self-worth and identification.  I am seeking approval and identification.  Love me Like me – or is that people pleasing lol

All I know is that I need to stop and learn to listen.  Let the other person talk, vent and work it out for themselves.

Oh and all this has been learned from talking with someone not even a year sober – length of sobriety is not a factor in our story.  It’s just a number.

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