As I sat at the table with my mug of tea and my chocolate digestive the warm sun caught the side of my face. The room was filled with chatter and laughter, that was nice.  Oh no there was that one chap sobbing - oh that s not so nice.  Well one out of 20ish isn't... Continue Reading →


1028 Days done

Over the last 1028 days I have been told over and over to believe what people tell me to be the truth.  For someone like me that is really difficult and is totally  a reflection on how I feel about me - or is it? In my head I know what I am good at,... Continue Reading →


I learned a new thing today, a thing called "MicroFiction"  who knew..... The first night of the creative writing course and my brain is pumping.  It was great and way better than I anticipated. Of course I was convinced I wouldn't be good enough. My grammar would be awful, my ideas rubbish but hey who... Continue Reading →

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