Day 1060

When I drank alcohol it was a rare occasion where I could remember the end of the evening. I always drank to excess and ALWAYS drank to black out, whether full blackout or partial. Blackout to me was a natural part of getting drunk and I never understood when people could remember everything but still... Continue Reading →


My first AA meeting was 2 days after I had faced defeat and called up to ask for help. My Rock Bottom did involve some drama and a hospital visit, not a night I am proud of but I am very lucky as it could have been a lot worse. I always say that I... Continue Reading →

Giving Back

One of the strongest messages we are told time and time again, in recover, is to give back. The art of giving back releases your mind from you and allows you to be open to the joy of others. I now do look at new people coming into recover and love the journey they have... Continue Reading →

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