Day 1040

So I did a crazy thing last night, I took a very deep breath and then posted my blog link on Facebook.   I did it pretty late at night sort of hoping no one would really see it or realise its me.  How wrong could I be – but I have to say the result is an outpouring of love.

It’s so scary laying yourself bare and exposed. Most of the people who I have shared this with so far have been other addicts in recovery, now I’ve gone past that and put this out there with the rest of the human race.

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For years I have hidden any feelings that I thought might make me vulnerable. I left home at 17 and went hurtling into the big bad world with no idea of what I was doing.  I went running into it with passion and gusto but with no idea of my feelings.

I put myself in difficult situations over and over, challenging people but being incredibly defensive.  I loved the partying, it meant that I could pretend and not deal. It touch me out of the situation but created a persona that wasnt real.

Now I do want to caveat this mornings blog in that the stories in here do not define me. In the main I am ok, I just have moments of extreme feelings and senses that i still don’t understand. Most people can experience a rejection and just think “oh well” not me.  I will analyse, worry and obsess. I always beat myself up and worry about what my part in it was.  I am learning though that it’s not always about me.


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