Some things happened today that are beyond my wildest dreams.   This blog has given people access to my life in ways that I never considered when starting.  My perception of self is so flawed its insane.

This morning a lovely friend, that I have met in sobriety, came to see me.  We had a plan to get loads of things done but instead we spent the time talking and talking – that is the best therapy in the world.  She also overwhelmed me with a beautiful notebook for me to carry around for my writing.  Such a simple yet incredibly thoughtful gift.

Then a total HP moment, I was going to take my dog out for a walk when I noticed him sounds asleep on the floor, snoring I’d like to add.  That delayed our walk somewhat but I am so glad it did.  It meant I was here for an unexpected visitor and a friend that I love dearly.  She turned up as she was in the area, and said she came to give me a hug.  That small gesture is the most kind gesture and one that has really touched my heart.

We then went for coffee with her daughter who totally puts everything in perspective.  That wonderful lady has Cerebral Pasy, is wheelchair bound and is losing her eye site.  This by no means puts her down and her attitude to life is one that we could all live by.

She loves rock music and has a real talent for writing so does a blog  She is intelligent and has one of the most honest perspectives on life that I have heard, and at twenty five is truly incredible.

Also on the way to coffee I saw a little girl learning to ride her bike with her dad. After falling off she picked herself up, with the help of her dad, and off she went.  He gave her gently encouragement and then she cycled away. She was so happy and the dad had the biggest grin on his face.

That is the stuff that life is made of. Look out of the rays of sunshine.

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