Day 1057

I have had a very quiet day today, it has been lovely and started with a walk in the park with the pooch.  The weather was lovely as if the sun was shining just for me, telling me I was ok.  I don't think there has ever been a more beautiful autumn day - although... Continue Reading →


Letting Go

Its taken me a long time but I think I am starting to let go.  Over the last few months my life has been in complete turmoil in my head. What do I do?? How do I do it??  It rattles round and round my head trying to find a way out, a way to... Continue Reading →


Some things happened today that are beyond my wildest dreams.   This blog has given people access to my life in ways that I never considered when starting.  My perception of self is so flawed its insane. This morning a lovely friend, that I have met in sobriety, came to see me.  We had a... Continue Reading →

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