Day 1065

I think it is time I introduced you all to my dog,  Wallace. While I was out walking with him in the pouring rain this morning I couldn’t help but think what a joy he has been for me and my children.

7 weeks old


We got Wallace in February this year and even though I was entering my 3rd year of sobriety there was still tension in the house. My husband and I had split and he was living somewhere else. My oldest son was just finishing University so hadn’t been around much.  As for my youngest well he just sat in his room and played on his games console. The family home had become incredibly lonely for us all.

Getting a puppy gave us all a common goal, something to love and play with and enjoy.  I felt the house get happy again and there was laughter.

My continued fight with depression meant some days hard for me to even get up off my sofa; having a dog helped. He has given me purpose in my day, he makes me get out and interact with other people.  He also seems to know when I am feeling low and comes and plops his head on my knee.  Everyone I know has said he has been so good for me, its good to know others see the difference.

2018-04-23 15.25.17

Now I am not saying that everyone who suffers with depression or is in recovery should rush out and get a puppy.  It is a lot of responsiblity and I considered this long and hard and I also investigated the best breeds to have. What I think I saying is find something you love, something that needs you to function and that will definitely help you, it’s not going to take away all the turmoil and pain that exists in our heads but it does help.

He’s a great listener too and doesn’t argue with anything I have to say.

10 months old

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