Day 1070

I did a share today at a meeting and the theme was One Day at a Time.  This was a new format for me and, as always, it was incredible.  No matter what is shared from the top table One Day at a Time is the absolute mantra we should all adhere to.

As usual I shared a little about my drinking history, my rock bottom and now my recovery.  I have been lucky enough not to have a relapse (yet)  but that is 100% down to AA and going to meetings. My coping mechanism for everything good or bad is alcohol and no matter what my background is I am sure that I was born an alcoholic.

In my 1070 days of sobriety I have learned so much, I no longer feel lonely and am more than happy to spend time on my own.  I have now come to realise that the materialistic trappings of life are just not for me, I was using them as a disguise.  Also I accept that if I am not good enough for someone then that is up to them, not because of my failing.surrender

My world is so much smaller these days and a lot quieter and in this I am now  a lot more content. This period of life is giving me the opportunity to appreciate what I have instead of constantly wanting more.  I don’t need the quick fix and by getting to this point I now feel more like me that I have ever in my life.

I am learning that I don’t need to have loads of friends but I know I have a few who are amazing and I can turn to at any time.  They are not at my disposal but are honest and care and that is what true friendship is.

imagesI guess that this is what they call a Spiritual Awakening and if it is then bring it on as it feels great.  I will caveat that I do know that this will soon pass as life has a habit of throwing in curve balls but I think I am ready to deal with them, One Day at a Time of course.

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