Day 1076

Today was a good day to be alive and sober.  I don’t have a topic tonight or anything heavy to say I’m just going to tell you about my day if that is ok.

When I was drinking I did a lot of crafting and also did markets for a few years selling my wares,  a lot of this was done to distract me I suspect. If I was busy then I couldn’t think about how miserable I was and could pretend to lost of different people I was ok.  I stopped all this a few years ago.

Well today a good friend of mine was setting up her Xmas Market in one of those little wooden huts.  I had such a fun time helping her build her stand and then set it up.  By total coincidence another good friend of mine was there setting up her hut too. It was so nice to spend time with them.

I then had a total HP moment. I went to the hardware shop to get something for one of the stands, a stretchy cord if you know what that is.  Well I failed in my mission so went back to the stand woeful and apologetic, not really.  As I reached into my pocket to return the £10 I was given I couldn’t find it at all, I had stuffed it in my pocket.  I re-traced my steps, checked the van, went through my pockets again and again.  Finally I conceded and pulled together £10 from the scraps of change in my pocket.

As I handed the money over and we were having the usual “don’t worry about it” “I will worry though” back and forth I glanced down at my feet and there it was – £10.  The exact note that I had looked all over for, including on the floor where I was stood.  Now if that is not an HP moment I dont know what is.


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