Good morning, I am sat with my puppy reflecting on my day ahead and some thoughts on some views I heard said on social media last night.  I get really concerned when people throw accusations at AA, instead of making informed decisions, and I am starting to see more and more how fearful we have become as humans.

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There are a lot of myths and opinions out there based on media and other peoples views.  I would like to disperse some of these and as such here are some of the big ones;

  1. It is a religious program – this is not true at all, the book and the steps were written at a time when religion was uppermost in people’s lives.  Whilst there is some wording still there this is by no means insisted upon.  We even discuss “a God of your own understanding”
  2. You are brainwashed – well I have to say I have no objections to this at all.  They way my brain was working before was pretty bad and if giving it a wash is going to make me a better person then I am all for it.  I do have to emphasise though that everything I hear is a suggestion and it is my choice what I do or don’t take from this.
  3. It is a Cult – Now this is a tricky one for me and it really depends on what you define a Cult to be. I see it as something where you are forced to attend and lose freedom of choice – if this is to be true the AA is absolutely not a Cult.  You can come and go as you please, you can take as much or as little from it as you see fit. It is however suggested that the more you get involved the more you grown and this has been so true for me.
  4. But I just want to be able to drink normally – when I came to AA I was completely done and wanted to give up alcohol. I had reached the point of surrender and knew that our relationship was over, but I think I am one of the lucky ones. My experience so far is that people who can drink normally really don’t feel the need to come to AA.  If your brain overthinks how much you drink and how it makes you feel then, by my reckoning, you are an alcoholic.  You cannot learn to drink in moderation it is something you just do.
  5. But it says I am not able drink ever again – this is an easy one. We have a set of traditions and one of them clearly states – “The only requirement for membership is a DESIRE to stop drinking”

I really feel passionately about this as I have seen so many people relapse based on these objections. Objections that are normally based on fear and not reality.  You don’t know unless you try it do you.

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