I watched a documentary today called The Work I would highly recommend it. For me it highlighted how we have all learned to build walls to hide our feelings.  In the documentary there is a mix of men in prison and men from normal life who are brought together to talk about how they are struggling with their emotions.  Through a series of talks and exercises they learn to let out all the hurt and anger they have been bottling up for years.

Early in there is one convict who has obviously been harbouring a lot of anger and tension, once he lets this all out I could see a physical difference in his face, as if his whole sole and relaxed.  For some of the men the shell has built up huge amounts of anger and frustration, as that is all they have know and how they were taught to deal with life, which has been directed in the wrong way.

The more I travel on my journey of recovery and finding the real me the more I see how people have become so obsessed with how we look and what we have.  All over the media is the strive for perfection with the perfect, car, partner, kids etc…. even the amount of young people having plastic surgery is such a shame. We have been made the way we are so why tamper with it.

We seem to have lost the understand of who we are and that is enough, we are all unique and have our own strengths and none of these are right or wrong. Nature has an amazing ability to balance it all out, it’s when we get involved that it all goes wrong.

Matt Haig on Twitter sent a tweet today and while he is not an addict he does suffer from depression.  He writes some really good books and I relate a lot to how his minds works, and how he describes his depression.


If someone calls you ‘ugly’ they don’t necessarily think you’re ugly they just think calling you ‘ugly’ will hurt you. It says more about them. It is a boomerang insult that reveals they are the ones who are ugly. To their core. Don’t give them the attention they need from you.

I love this as it is so true, why should we accept their truth when they have no idea of what made us they way we are.  There are so many people out there who we admire for overcoming a situation or disability, why can’t we apply the same logic to ourselves.

We have to learn to accept each other as we are and know that life has shaped us but that is not always our truth.  Be kind and even is someone is horrid back then just walk away, it is normally more of a reflection of themselves than of you.

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