I went to a meeting tonight and the topic was acceptance. I love that as acceptance is the key to this whole recovery journey.  We have to accept so many aspects of ourselves in order to believe in ourselves and that we have the ability to face recovery and grow. By accepting that I am... Continue Reading →


Have a strategy – its Christmas after all….

This time of year is a tricky one. In a number of ways it doesn't bother me as I don't have a busy family life nor any events to attend so I can pick and choose where I go to avoid temptation.  This has developed over time and has come about out of lifestyle changes... Continue Reading →

You are so brave……

When I think back now to my first AA meeting on the 7th December 2015 it is all a blur.  I can remember a couple of people and that I cried a lot but as to what was said I have no clue other than it was incredibly overwhelming. So many people refered to me... Continue Reading →

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