Day 1096

Today I am 3.. in sobriety years.  It’s a strange time for me and I am just now reflecting to where I was this time three years ago and I most certainly don’t recognise the mess I was then to who I am now.  Its been a long and arduous journey but with patience and amazing support I am here.

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Never do I take my sobriety for granted,  it is only a number of days that I have managed to not succumb to my addiction, it most certainly does not offer any hierarchy or make me any better or worse than anyone else taking on this journey.  Doing this One Day At A Time and living in the day has definitely been the key to my success and allowing me to find the strength to come this far.

Last night I drove 140 miles with my friend to see Def Leppard had an amazing night and we drove home, getting in at 2am.  One of the amazing things now about being sober is that I can do these things, I can push myself to do the things in life that I really want to do.

Before I found sobriety I wouldn’t never have gone on a trip like that, it would have been far too much organisation and when could I have got drunk?  I would have been happier sat at home with my best friend alcohol that going out and having fun.  Even if I had made it I would have an expedition out of it planning every drinking opportunity possible. Today would be filled with dread and wonder at where I was and how I got home, and of course a hideous headache.

The gig was brilliant and my friend and I danced and laughed and had so much fun. At no point did I get the sense that I needed to have alcohol to enjoy my night and I have come away with some great memories. I am tired but I am tired with a smile on my face knowing that I have nothing to worry about, I am actually remembering how good it was.

The worst thing that happened was that we got a bit grumpy at the Costa drive through as they had just closed and they couldn’t serve us – now that is Rock N Roll.  I will however caveat that the lovely chap did give us a free cup of tea as that was all he had available.

I am now sat writing my blog with a cup of tea and a happy heart.  I have woken from another great night out where I havent had to deal with my addiction and now have amazing memories.  The fact that I have achieved a three-year mile stone is just an added bonus.

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