Christmas – its the little things

The season is most definitely now upon us, I personally love the 22nd December. It’s the shortest day of the year so once passed I know that spring is on its ways.  My head isn’t great on dark evenings and can make me isolate so once I know that lighter nights are on their way it really helps lift my mood.

December is not really an issue for me anymore and in fact I am normally ok with the big events these days, it’s the little ones that catch me out. The impromptu dinner or night out, that’s when it can be dangerous.  When I am well and aware I can normally pause and take stock of what is happening and protect myself.

I’ve heard of a few people relapse this week purely down to carelessness.  There is also a lot of talk about alcohol in food, alcohol free or low alcohol drinks. I find it quite overwhelming when I am surrounded by people’s best intentions. The best advise I could offer is to get to know yourself and understand your triggers, once you know that you can avoid them and have a safe and happy holiday.

Early in my sobriety journey I would reach out to so many people looking for answers, asking them what they did and how the did it.  The reality is that what works for one may not work for someone else. Certain things that would annoy one alcoholic is not an issue for another.

Personally I feel that low or non alcoholic branded drinks are not good as, for me, they imply that I have got away with it.  That can then cause my brain to go crazy, this is the same for drinking out of a wine glass – again that is just me and is more about association than craving.

Finally I try not to put an emphasis on Christmas, every month can have something that I can associate with alcohol so am definitely following a path of lifestyle changes to safeguard my future.

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