Alcohol Free???

With the Christmas Season in full flow I have seen so many posts promoting alcohol free or low alcohol drinks.  When I first began my journey there was so much talk of alcohol in food and was not something I had considered, for me this is not a big deal but I do know for some people it can be make or break.

If I was to buy something “white wine vinegar” then it is pretty clear that it was made using wine and therefore I know what I am getting, and its my choice.

It’s the hidden alcohol that is the problem, where it is not clearly stated.  As someone who has not had a drink in a while I can taste the alcohol in food straight away.

A few week ago I was innocently given a mince-pie and I just bit into it without thinking. instantly I could taste the brandy and stopped eating it and drank a lot of water. On close inspection of the packet it did say there was Brandy so I know it was a mistake on my part and the clarity of the label allowed me to take responsiblity and therefore did not cause craving.

When I go out for dinner or to somewhere that serves alcohol I always order a mainstream soft drink.  This for me serves two purposes the first is that it does not confuse my mind, it’s a bit like not drinking a soft drink out of a wine glass. I have made a clear statement to my brain that I am not drinking alcohol.

The second reason is similar but to the people around me, if I am drinking a coke or lemonade I am clearly not having alcohol so there can be no confusion should someone else get me anything. If someone was to ask me “are you not drinking?” I simply say “No not today thank you” Its an honest answer but stops any conversation on abstaining forever and the normal questions around what is wrong with me, our society has such a messed up view of people who don’t drink.

If I were to buy alcohol free wine or beer, for me, this could then be a very easy path back to drinking for me. It would make the transition from no alcoholic to alcoholic drinks easier and Id be able to sneak in a glass of wine or a beer with no one really know what I was doing. I know that if I were to do that then all bets would be off and I would spiral back to where I was before.

I do appreciate the health benefits of these products but really think that they are dangerous for anyone with an alcohol addiction so please be mindful.

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