Targeted Marketing

Why has society become so obsessed with alcohol. Everywhere I go recently it is everywhere.  You can get alcohol themed cushions, Gin water bottles and well the t-shirts are everywhere.

All the messaging seems to be around the fact that you cannot have fun unless  you have an alcoholic drink. Even doormats state that you can’t come into people’s houses without it.  Maybe I am being sensitive but I really find this uncomfortable.

All the advertising campaigns seem to be targeted at young women with various pink fizzy alcoholic drinks that again portray an image of fun without it.  I know that there are a lot of people out there who can have a few drinks, enjoy it and put it down but are these the people who would notice these adverts? I’m not so sure.

This sort of targeted marketing gives people permission to be careless with their relationship with alcohol.  To me it almost belittles how serious this type of messaging is, especially when it’s on a cushion or door mat that is permanently placed in your home.


Prosecco Hidden Message Funny Magic Sequin Cushion Cover - Great Gift for Her Wine LoverThis cushion is on Amazon and is labelled as “excellent gag gift”. Ok maybe to someone who is not an alcoholic this is not a big deal but then would someone who is not obsessed with alcohol actually buy this?


Gin Slogan Christmas T-Shirt

Matalan have a range of t-shirts which is shown above.  Then there is food at this time of year, suddenly you can’t buy anything without it being laced with some sort of beverage.  Whiskey Salmon, Prosecco Panettone and then the dreaded mince-pie.

I am not saying I am wanting to cancel all of this I just really wish that advertisers could be a bit more considerate in their audience and not make it OK to be obsessed with what they drink. More and more women are having to deal with the fact that they are alcoholics and it is not wonder with the social pressure that is all around.

To top it all off you can even get fake alcohol drinks for your dog so “they don’t feel left out”  that for me is definitely a step too far, but then again I am an alcoholic in recovery and need to protect myself.

Please do remember that this is my own opinion towards these things so none of it is wrong or right, just a view I see as someone in recovery.

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