So here it is, the day is finally upon us. After all our preparation, shopping, cooking and cleaning the reality is today is Tuesday.  It is Christmas Day and all that means is that it is a national holiday where we can spend time with the people who mean the most to us.  We can eat and indulge and give gifts that make others happy.

For me it is a bit strange as it is also my birthday.

I do get an outpouring of love and for that I am grateful.  Since I found sobriety I am learning to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that this brings. I anticipate disappointment so tend to create it early on and then regret that on the day, as I have usually upset those around me.

My boys are amazing, they live in the day and have never thrown my drinking days back at me. They do their best to love me and look after me, as much as I will allow, and for that I am truly grateful.

Today I have woken without  hangover, am happy to wait for my children to awake and am enjoying a cup of tea and some quiet time. I will take recovery pup for a walk as always and am happy to do that on my own, as today is only Tuesday.

Some things I do have to remember:

  1. it is not all about me today
  2. alcohol does not define me
  3. don’t worry about mess, or if things dont got to plan

One warning I will put out there is the come down that I will feel either tomorrow or the day after. I tend to get through christmas and have this desperate longing for life to go back to normal.  This will happen but not on my agenda and I have to try to accept that.

Stay safe everyone, have a plan and a wonderful day and remember it is only Tuesday.

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