Emotional Sobriety

I have successfully made it through the Christmas chaos and am getting ready for the day. By getting ready I really mean doing nothing any different and treating each day as a normal day and trying to take it as it comes.  My mood however is incredibly low. Reflecting on this and trying to identify... Continue Reading →

Day 1111

I have had a few days of highs and lows that have reminded me of a few of my basic principles that I have to keep in check.  When I have the highs I am euphoric and believe that life can't get any better, but the lows hit me with such ferocity that I am... Continue Reading →

Day 1107

Even after all this time in sobriety I still forget that normal life is not always on an even keel. Part of living is about ups and downs, celebrations and disappointments and this is something I need to remember to ensure I continue with my recovery. I continue to make decisions based on emotion rather... Continue Reading →

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