Alcohol Free???

With the Christmas Season in full flow I have seen so many posts promoting alcohol free or low alcohol drinks.  When I first began my journey there was so much talk of alcohol in food and was not something I had considered, for me this is not a big deal but I do know for... Continue Reading →

Christmas – its the little things

The season is most definitely now upon us, I personally love the 22nd December. It's the shortest day of the year so once passed I know that spring is on its ways.  My head isn't great on dark evenings and can make me isolate so once I know that lighter nights are on their way... Continue Reading →

Day 1096

Today I am 3.. in sobriety years.  It's a strange time for me and I am just now reflecting to where I was this time three years ago and I most certainly don't recognise the mess I was then to who I am now.  Its been a long and arduous journey but with patience and... Continue Reading →

Day 1094

People, Places and Things these are the hardest for me to deal with.  I get that it sounds like everything but learning how these make me feel is the strongest way I can recover. People When I was actively drinking I would say I loved being with people and that I was a sociable party... Continue Reading →

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