Day 1153

So nearly 3 weeks in and finally something has clicked with me in my new place of work. After chatting to a friend today I have realised a few things about myself: I don't like change As much as I wanted this new role a few of my character flaws got in the way. First... Continue Reading →

Day 1148

Two weeks in and I'm slightly, tentatively and slowly merging into life outside of my bubble.  I tell you what its tough out there, politics and personalities, expectations and understanding. I'm really trying to work my program and show patience and tolerance but it's not easy. I am continually balancing ego and low self-esteem, although... Continue Reading →

Day 1145

So a week and a half into my new role and my return to normal life. For a number of months now I have hidden in the safety of my fellowship and have firmly kept myself in my bubble.  A little like my drinking days this had pro's and con's - balance is the key... Continue Reading →

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