Helping the Newcomer

Finding sobriety is initially a euphoric experience and can sometimes be referred to as your Pink Cloud.  I definitely had this sensation and within my first year I wanted everyone to feel as good as I did.  Experience has now taught me that this is not what my journey is about.

My journey has been successful as I feel I have done it in a way that has been best for me.  What I needed as a support in the early days has most definitely changed, when I drifted from the path I recognised that and was able to bring my back on track.

Prior to joining  a 12 step programme I tried time and time again to give up drinking but always failed, I now see these as my relapses.  Just because I now have a program I am no better or worse than anyone else struggling.

There is a fine line between helping and enabling, all we can do is offer a guide and show how I do this by being open and honest and then hope that others can do the same.  I strongly believe that recover is about empowerment and showing value in yourself and others.  None of us can fix each other, we can only be there and have empathy.

I do find it frustrating when people procrastinate but I have to remember I did the same, I drank for 43 years of my life (ok maybe 35) and tried time and time again to change but couldn’t. It wasnt until I was truly broken and could no longer function as I was when I managed to face reality.

Addiction is not a choice, it is an affliction that is so hard to fight.  To even have the ability that you have an addiction should be applauded and if you find the strength to do something then that is amazing.  The biggest key to success is to remember where you came from and then you should hopefully be able to stop yourself from going back there.

If you do slip, then there should be no judgement just open arms to help you get back on the right path.

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