Day 1170

I’m lucky to live on the doorstep to some amazing places including beaches and the New Forest. I went for a walk in the New Forest today and it was beautiful. At this time of year there is a lot of dead vegetation which is making way for new shoots and regrowth.  The animals are starting to emerge and there was a feel in the air that as fresh and new. We walked for a good few hours and experienced a variety of environments first woods, then open plains, then streams then back into the woods – it was beautiful.

Today is a day where I feel comfortable with who I am and the journey I am on.  The ability to walk with my dog and take in and enjoy everything I saw today was wonderful. I was at ease plodding today with my friend, sometimes with little or no conversation. We watched the dogs play and even had the privilege of seeing some Roe Deer.

Now I am home I am happily reflective of my Sunday.  While drinking I could never have contemplated a morning that I have just had. I would have been ill with a hangover, tired and grumpy.  In those days I may or may not have gone for the walk but if I had I would have most definitely not got out of it what I have today.

We walked nearly 8 miles and I am most definitely tired, but in a good way, not like the horrible hangover tired. Where you cannot get enough sleep, or enough food or hydration. When you finally get to that point where you are feeling better and you want to drink again and the whole obsessive cycle starts over and over.

Right now I am feeling peaceful, rested and lucky to be here. I am on my own but not lonely neither am I hungry or thirsty. I have no desire to drink alcohol and for that I am truly grateful.

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