Helping the Newcomer

Finding sobriety is initially a euphoric experience and can sometimes be referred to as your Pink Cloud.  I definitely had this sensation and within my first year I wanted everyone to feel as good as I did.  Experience has now taught me that this is not what my journey is about. My journey has been successful... Continue Reading →

Day 1162

Here we are at the end of another week, another week sober is the one bit that I need to focus on.  Work is going well and I am settling in without the stresses and strains. Emotions and people however, are  whole other matter.  I have still got feelings and emotions that I don't understand.... Continue Reading →

Day 1156

Another week and weekend have passed with the normal highs and lows.  On Thursday I had a great sense of finding a balance, turning another corner in my life balance.  I appreciate that, as an addict, I expect instant gratification in everything I do.  I need to learn to appreciate that it takes time to... Continue Reading →

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