New Beginnings…….

Today is the end of an Era but it is also the start of a new one.  My last 3 1/2 years have been a journey of emotion of a size I never thought I could survive, yet I have. The best bit is that I have survived it sober.

Tomorrow I move out of my family home and into a new, smaller house that I know I can make a home.  Today the removal company came around and swiftly packed up my house into a series of boxes and all that is now remaining is the walls holding it up.

When I made the difficult decision to sell up I was heartbroken. We bought this house to be the family home, the forever home and the one the grandchildren came home to.  When my marriage ended I desperately clung to this house under the premise of security for my children, or so I thought.  The reality is that I was clinging to this for me, my security and pride.

Today has shown me that a house is a house, a home is what you make it and the things that you put around you are the memories.  All the different ornaments and pictures That were packed all had memories attached and we are taking all that with us.  I have a style I like and that is the style that will be replicated in my new home.

I have lovely neighbours but we will not be far away so am sure we will see each other, the people around you go with you not matter what and friends are always there – the rights ones are anyway.

On social media today I posted an image with a sad face showing the packing boxes and so many friends posted positive reminders that this is a new start that it has made me reflect.  I am gaining a new perception on things that happen now and rather than looking down on them I am looking up.

“We can’t forget the past, but we don’t have to be defined by it”


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