Day 1302

Us humans, I have come to realise, we don't much like change, even though change is essential to our survival. Basic biology teaches us about survival of the fittest which is essentially change to survive or die. Finding the fellowship was most definitely my survival and part of my evolution. I have had to learn... Continue Reading →

Day 1296

Whilst listening to someones story last week I started to see how some of my behaviours were slipping. My self-care wasnt at its best and hearing my lovely fellow talk about her addictive behaviour gave me the nudge I needed to recognise it. I still find it amazing how so many people will have come... Continue Reading →

Day 1289

For a long time I would hear people say "you are exactly where you are supposed to be" and I always struggled with this, until fairly recently. I couldn't understand what they meant or why they were saying it. Did they mean physically ? Emotionally ? Or spiritually? It all seemed like a bizarre concept.... Continue Reading →

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