Day 1331

When someone finds recovery whether it be for one minute or one year or ten years we are all at that same moment, right here right now.  I once heard someone say that the most sober person in the room that day was the one who awoke first.

Recovery is a state of mind and is very much the here and now. For me living one day at a time is the only way to do it, break it down even more if necessary but just get to that next point don’t think any further.

In order to stay happy and safe I have a few rules that I surround myself with.  My home is my safe place and therefore I don’t have an alcohol there.  I am lucky as I am single but if I did have a partner who drank I would ask that they respect my decision and if not – well then it would need to be discussed.  By pretending I am fine with something I am truly not is dangerous but the rules have to be laid out for both parties to see.

My older children know this and respect it, their friends know it and respect and anyone who visits knows it and respects it. As I am open and honest about my journey then I get the same in return.

Many people have had their opinions of what I am doing but those who love me and truly see me respect it, and those who don’t understand keep their distance. Again this is all fine and I am blessed by deep and true friendships with people who I can be truly open and honest with.

No longer do I force my opinion on others instead I can sit back and smile without judgement. Words are just air and they fade and pass by and don’t hurt me unless I let them,  when they do hurt though I have the toolbox to manage it and the ability to put my thoughts across without being nasty, after all they are again just my thoughts and words.

Sobriety truly is a gift that has allowed me to grow into the person I always knew I could be.  I am constantly tested but recognise these tests as an opportunity for growth and tolerance and understanding and for that I am truly grateful.

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