Finding Recovery – Living in Recovery

There is a difference between finding recovery and living in recovery. When I found recovery, I was at such a rock bottom that I could see no way of continuing to live. I was well aware that alcohol is a toxin. I knew it was ruining everything and destroying me and all my relationships. It caused me... Continue Reading →


Day 1341

Early in recovery I realised I would find myself "fixing".  This could take various forms including eating, dating, gossiping etc.  Anything that would give me that quick buzz which is essentially all I was always looking for.  Also it would act as something to distract me from me at that moment in time. When I... Continue Reading →

Dating in Sobriety

Life as a single sober person can be difficult.  And sober dating? Fellowship meetings are not social clubs, and I tend to focus on recovery and helping others while there. So it’s difficult to meet someone (although it does happen). I am also acutely aware that many of my fellows share stories of partners who... Continue Reading →

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